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In the Capital Region, there are quite a few computer service centers that people can choose from...

Genetic Computers is popular because of our integrity and longevity.  

We we're one of the first established computer service and repair centers to enter our area. 

More over we are still here, over 35 years later!


Feel free to use our contact form, or call our office @ 518-464-8040.


"Superb service, keen technical knowledge, and very customer orientated…..What else could you ask for?
We are extremely satisfied wit
h Genetic, without question. Highly recommended their service whether you are in need for your business or your home. This is one satisfied customer.  Our personal computer is well again!!"

James M. Gaughan
Mayor, Town Of Altamont
Altamont, NY


"My P.C. laptop crashed, nothing was working. The diagnosis from the first computer repair specialist indicated extensive work was necessary and buying new would cost less. I decided to get a second opinion and took it to Genetic Computers. Rob, the owner, assured me that buying new would not cost me less. He said My Dell was a very good computer and he could fix all the problems, usually in the first hour. It did take him longer, there were an unbelievable number of viruses but I am sure he did not charge for all the time he spent. For a few hundred dollars the laptop now runs beautifully and fast, just like new. Savings $500 or $600. Rob is my computer guy now. I would recommend him to anyone.


"Bill Murphy

Schenectady, NY

"Genetic Computers listened to what I wanted for in a computer, asked me some questions to figure out what would be best for me and my business, and he delivered exactly what I needed. He was prompt and courteous, did not try to sell me things I did not need, and spoke so that I understood him. He delivered and set up the computer I purchased.
It was the easiest thing I ever did!"

Katherine Burbank

Guilderland Chamber Of Commerce
Guilderland, NY



"Genetic Computers, Inc., has been our go-to source for computer sales and services since 1999. Unique about Genetic Computers is the company's patient customer-service approach. Staff provide information and explanation in easy-to-understand language, which is invaluable to a techno-idiot like me. Turnaround time for service is excellent, and the company stands behind its work.I highly recommend Genetic Computers, and we congratulate the company on its 25th anniversary in business."


Pauline Bartel

M.A., President/Chief Creative Officer

Bartel Communications, Inc.

Waterford, NY

"I have done business with Genetic Computers since 2013. Rob and Kristin are fabulous to do business with.You could not do business with a more honest company then Genetic Computers, they will go the extra mile to help you. Very knowledgeable about everything to do with computers. they are excellent with both apple and window based products. They will never try to sell you anything you do not need.Next to great service Genetic Computers is excellent with sales. If you want to do business with a company that has the highest integrity Genetic Computers is where to go."

Timothy Flanigan - Via Google Review

Albany, NY





"We own an 8 yr. old workhorse color printer. It was in need of maintenance. We brought it into Genetic Computers where Robert Scott performed a thorough evaluation and provided an estimate of services. In talking through the estimated costs, Robert provided an assessment and insight into the pros and cons of purchasing a new printer as an alternative. His reasoning and professional manner convinced us that repairing the printer was our best option. Upon picking up the printer he gave us a thorough explanation of the services performed and instructions on how to keep our unit in excellent working order. "

Jan B. Metzger
Imperatives, Inc.
Schenectady, NY




"This is to thank you for the superior service I received from you.

You may recall that I brought my computer to your shop with a totally deteriorated and unsalvageable hard drive. I am an amateur photographer, and on that dead hard drive were approximately 3,000 photographic images or files, taken over approximately 2 1/2 years. Many of these images, though worth little on any kind of commercial market, were invaluable to me and impossible to redo. Fortunately for me, you were able to rescue nearly all of my images, and for that I am grateful.

You then installed a new hard drive on my machine, and transferred the rescued images to the new hard drive.

I was very pleased with this outcome, but I needed additional help with the new hardware. The additional help took considerable time (at least three hours on the phone, I'll bet), but you refused to accept any payment for your time, explaining that you considered it as part of the service.

I am technologically inept. I wouldn't have found the images you put on the new hard drive in a thousand years, and even if I found them, I wouldn't have been able to get them over to Photoshop where I could use them. You walked me through the process. You also showed me how to back up the images on disks, something I had never done because, of course, I did not know how. And later, you helped me with a problem that arose with my Time Warner internet connection.

Were it not for your generous concept of professional customer service, I would have paid a pretty penny for someone to come over and help me with these matters.

You were also pleasant and easy to deal with. Be assured I will be back if I have future problems. (And there are sure to be future problems.)"

Austin Clarke
Schenectady, NY



"First I must Thank You for the very good service you provided for us at Saratoga Notecards.

The important thing I found about you as the head of Genetic Computers is you did what you said you would do. That's what is important most in today's world.

I would come back when I need to and I will recommend you to all I come in contact with."

Jerry Bradley
Saratoga Notecards
Saratoga, NY


"On several occasions, Scott's Printing Company has needed the expertise of Genetic Computers, Inc. to maintain two of my laser printers, as well as repair them to peak operating efficiency. Each time I dealt with Robert and found his knowledge, advice and prompt service a welcome experience. Genetic Computers has always informed me of costs, up front and I can say I will not hesitate to refer them and intend to use them in the future. Their prices were competitive and service was timely. Keep up the good work and good luck in your endeavors."

Scott Rowley
Head Honcho
Scott's Printing Company
Duanesburg, NY


"Kristin was extremely helpful in designing, formatting and setting up the webpage for my upcoming new coaching

business. I am sure I will need updates and some training along this journey and she is very receptive to assisting me. 

Donna G."

Donna Gaetano - Via Google Review



"I hired Kristin to build a professional blog for me on WordPress and I cannot say enough good about the incredible job she did! She went above and beyond what I could have hoped or asked for! She listened to my vision for the blog and took such great time and care in bringing my vision into reality as though it were her own. Her enthusiasm, support, and expertise meant the world to me. If you're looking for a professional web designer or consultant, I highly recommend Kristin. You won't be disappointed!"

Rebecca Berschwinger  - Via Google Review


"Excellent service from a very skilled tech! I am a repeat customer who is pleased with the service here."

Dr. Greg Threatte - Via Google Review

Albany, NY




I would have 100% faith bringing any of my PCs to Robert at Genetic Computers for service. You can tell right away when you talk to him that he's serious about what he does and prides himself on being a quick diagnostician: I needed his help with something small (super tiny/super critical missing screw for my HD) that I had no idea how to even start trying to replace. In literally about 10 seconds he had the replacement picked out and the fix sorted out, all I had to do was drive over. I wouldn't have believed it could be that easy, except it seems he makes a habit of this kind of thing!  I'm happy to give him my business whenever I can. Be sure to check out his brochure, I know he does all kinds of other computer stuff too.


Jason Carswell

Albany, NY


Really helpful and knowledgable staff. I needed some last-minute motherboard hardware and CPU paste for a build I was working on. Forget about Best Buy, they literally had no idea what CPU thermal paste was, and if you've ever worked on your own PC, you know sometimes things go wrong and you either can't get online anymore or can't wait the 2 days for NewEgg or Amazon. I was in and out at Genetic within a few fast minutes, but best of all I felt like the owner (who's name I unfortunately forgot) genuinely was happy to help. His workplace is filled with actual computers and feels like a workshop (again, unlike the big box PC stores where they treat both their PCs and their customers like disposable merchandise). I'll be giving much more of my business here in the future instead of just smacking the "AutoBuy" button Amazon. I urge you to do the same, especially for PC hardware, accessories and services that the national chains can't be bothered with. Supporting local business is easy when it's this customer friendly!

Alex Tocqueville

Albany, NY



My 2011 27" IMAC had it's original hard drive and was super slow at starting up , and office (word, excel) you might as well make a pot of coffee and come back and the machine MIGHT be ready. After Genetic Computers installed a solid state hard drive (SSD 1 TB) my computer is BLAZING fast. Literally start up is 43 seconds with Ring Central fully loaded and bit defender all set to go! As a person who uses my computer a LOT for documents, PDF's and multitasking all day long, it is a treat to have my machine work so much more efficiently. I was so impressed that by the increased performance of my old machine that I decided to let Genetic Computer work on my 2017 21.5'' IMAC. I can't wait to see what that thing operates like with new ram and that 1TB SSD hard drive!

B. Morris  - Via Google Review



Professional. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. If you are in the market for PC repairs and value these traits, then look no further. I thought I killed my newly self-built gaming PC. Robert had it up an running in no time, and also gave me some tips and advice for how to properly do what I initially screwed up. No attempt to upsell or try to get me to buy something I didn't need. He genuinely did everything he could until he found and fixed the issue. I know who I will be bringing any PC issues to from now on. Don't waste your time anywhere else!


Christian Mullin

Albany, NY

For More Reviews see our Google Business Listing 

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