"Excellent service from a very skilled tech! I am a repeat customer who is pleased with the service here."

Greg Threatte

Albany, NY


Professional. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. If you are in the market for PC repairs and value these traits, then look no further. I thought I killed my newly self-built gaming PC. Robert had it up an running in no time, and also gave me some tips and advice for how to properly do what I initially screwed up. No attempt to upsell or try to get me to buy something I didn't need. He genuinely did everything he could until he found and fixed the issue. I know who I will be bringing any PC issues to from now on. Don't waste your time anywhere else!


Christian Mullin

Albany, NY


"This is Ray Decker which I had work done on my computer..I would recommend him and give him five stars...Excellent Job..."

Joan Decker

Voorheesville, NY


I would have 100% faith bringing any of my PCs to Robert at Genetic Computers for service. You can tell right away when you talk to him that he's serious about what he does and prides himself on being a quick diagnostician: I needed his help with something small (super tiny/super critical missing screw for my HD) that I had no idea how to even start trying to replace. In literally about 10 seconds he had the replacement picked out and the fix sorted out, all I had to do was drive over. I wouldn't have believed it could be that easy, except it seems he makes a habit of this kind of thing!  I'm happy to give him my business whenever I can. Be sure to check out his brochure, I know he does all kinds of other computer stuff too.

Jason Carswell

Albany, NY


Really helpful and knowledgable staff. I needed some last-minute motherboard hardware and CPU paste for a build I was working on. Forget about Best Buy, they literally had no idea what CPU thermal paste was, and if you've ever worked on your own PC, you know sometimes things go wrong and you either can't get online anymore or can't wait the 2 days for NewEgg or Amazon. I was in and out at Genetic within a few fast minutes, but best of all I felt like the owner (who's name I unfortunately forgot) genuinely was happy to help. His workplace is filled with actual computers and feels like a workshop (again, unlike the big box PC stores where they treat both their PCs and their customers like disposable merchandise). I'll be giving much more of my business here in the future instead of just smacking the "AutoBuy" button Amazon. I urge you to do the same, especially for PC hardware, accessories and services that the national chains can't be bothered with. Supporting local business is easy when it's this customer friendly!

Alex Tocqueville

Albany, NY

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