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@ Genetic Computers we offer Sales, Service & Support on a Wide Variety of Devices,

such as; New and Used Systems, Laptops, Desktops, Peripherals, Printers, Computer Accessories, Cables and More. Browse our On-Line Store, if you do not See Something you like, or if you have a Particular Make & Model in mind, just Call Us with the Specs, and we'll simply Order It for you. We always Try Our Best to Price Match or to Even Beat the Competition's Pricing.


Additionally, we Customize and Build Computers to Suit your Individual Needs. All

Systems are Assembled with Quality Components & Rigorously Tested to Ensure Stability.

Breathing New Life into your Current Computer has never been easier and it can be done

with a simple Upgrade. Likewise, Downgrading Operating Systems with upgrades that were Forcefully Installed without Permission, is a task that we also often perform. This enables many to get Back to Work without having to Learn a whole New Operating System, and one that may not even be Compatible with your existing Hardware and Software.

Browse our sample Menu of Services, if you do not see your Need or Issue Listed,

chances are we can Still in fact Help...just Give Us a Call! :)



System Slow Down is a Definite Sign that Something is Wrong with your Computer.

Do you Regularly Run Utilities? ChkDsk? Defrag? Virus and Malware Scans?

Do you have Adequate Protection against them? Do you even Know what that Entails? 

Let us Clean Up your System and Arm you with the Best Software for the job!

We'll Educate you on the Specifics of Running Such Commands, and on Detailed

Preventative Maintenance, so that hopefully you won't Ever have to Crawl Again!

This system may Appear to be as Spoiled as the beverage that has Spilled all over it.

However, Many People and their Computers have Lived to Tell another story!

We have Fixed disastrous Accidents exactly like this one, and at a Fraction of the Cost

of a New System! So before you Recycle it, let us Give you an Estimate of the Damages first!

Busted Screens - They're more easily restored than one would think!  From Cracked to Shattered Screens, accidents will happen and were Here to Help. This Includes; LCD Replacement Screens, Digitizers, Touch Screens and Back-Light Inverters. 

Wait, you May Not Need to Torch your System! Frequently we're asked if it's

"Worth Fixing," and Most of The Time, we answer, "Yes it is!"  When you Take into

Account not only the Initial Cost of a New System, but add to it the Invaluable Software you already have, then the Cost of Replacing your Computer is Much More than people realize!

Not to mention, your Printer, and other Peripherals are likely to be incompatible as well!

So take the Guesswork out of it and Bring it in for a Free Diagnostic today!


@ Genetic we offer Sales, Service & Support on a wide variety of devices, such as; New and Used Systems, Laptops, Desktops, Peripherals, Printers, Computer Accessories, Cables and More.


Browse our On-Line Store, if you do not see something you like, or if you have something particular in mind, just let us know. (We always do our best to price match.)

One of our in-house specialties is building Customized Computers.

All systems are assembled with quality components & rigorously tested to ensure stability. Plus we back all of our  newly built systems with a 1 yr parts and labor warranty! That's local, friendly tech support! 

Look at some of our  Custom Computers here.

Browse our Menu of Services, if you do not see your issue listed,

feel free to give us a call :-) 



System slow down is a definite sign that something is wrong with your computer.

Let us clean up your computer, and get it running the way it did when it was new.  As well as  educate you on maintaining a healthy operating system, along with detailed information on such. 

liquid laptop.png

This system may appear to be as ruined as the beverage that's spilled all over it!... However, many computers have lived to tell another story!  We 

fix accidents like this everyday.  So before you recycle, let us give you an estimate  first!  We guarantee it will be much less than the cost of a new system, and much more eco-friendly!


Busted Screens are more easily restored than one would think!

From Cracked to Shattered Screens, accidents happen and were here to help. This includes; LCD Replacement, Screens, Digitizers, Touch Screens & Back-Light Inverters.



Once upon a time we were the only *Certified Minolta Service Provider in the region. Without compare our definitive experience in printer repair still remains today...

We offer many Printer Solutions for your personal, business or Corporate needs. Whether it be a home Wireless Printer, Office Networked Color Laser-Jet or Pre-Press Production Printer.

We Handle most every make & model. In addition we

Refill Inkjet and Toner Cartridges .  Plus we Sell Supplies, such as;  New Printers, Ink, Toners, and Cables .  Please call ahead for inventory and availability.

game consoles


Has the gaming come to a screeching halt at your house? Our Tech’s are experienced  with almost everything, from flooded and cracked consoles, to discs not ejecting, reading, and much more...


All of our repairs even come with a free diagnostic, so in this

game you can't lose (lol).  Call for servicing.



Phones can become easily damaged by an array of problems, such as; water, cracked screens, faulty buttons, dead batteries, sim cards, weak signals, speakers etc...

We repair; Samsung, LG, Apple, and most every brand on the market.



Give your residence or business around the clock protection, and yourself- peace of mind...

With your Smart-Phone or computer, you're just a click away from your home or office!  Genetic will configure and install your entire surveillance system and new video equipment., implement the appropriate software to all of your devices, and then instruct you on how to use it.  It's as easy as that.

Call today to schedule a quote.

web design


Perhaps you 're finding yourself in need of a new Web Site...Maybe it's time for a much needed revision or polishing... Well look no further - we at Genetic are creative Web Designers . We also happen to have backgrounds in Fine Arts, Color Theory and Music... Together Our Team @ Genetic can Provide you with everything necessary - from Development , Hosting. Web Presence, SEO, etc...  And at a fraction of the cost of high end design studios, but essentially with similar results... Please Inquire Within.  Rat Vary.



It's never a good feeling when you think you've lost your data...

We Cannot Stress enough to our Clients on the Importance of Backing Up

irreplaceable data, before it's too late!  But if you should find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, be rest assured that you have found one of the top experts in this  area.

We have  over 35 years of  Data Recovery experience ...

Genetic has recovered data for State, Local and Federal government agencies,

Parents who thought they lost priceless years of newborn photos.,

 Frantic grad student who did not back up their thesis!!

We've been called in as an expert witness on several Supreme Court cases for our Data Recovery expertise. 


Our extensive resources allow us to recover data that others would have simply given up on.  We have a complete Library of Recovery software, from Dos Based Command Recovery, Individual Data Cluster Recovery, In-House Clean Room, Platter, Spindle Head Replacement, as well as Board Level Repair.

Furthermore, we've teamed up with the leading Clean Room Data Recovery Centers. The very same recovering data that is used for; NASA, FAA Flight Recorders & the Pentagon.  Having recovered files from Floppies, Dat, Travan Tapes, USB Drives, Cell Phones and pretty much any kind of device that stores data...

So Before you $hell out thousands and ship it off to a "California Clean Room"

for months, and with no guarantees, try local and affordable first!



Now we can Remotely Access Computers, Mobile, IOT Devices

and even Fire-Walled Servers - from anywhere at anytime.


How many hours do you lose trying to get things to work? 

With remote desktop & cloud based technology collaboration, in real time

we can get you working again faster than ever before!  TeamViewer - is our top pick for remote access software, as well as 90% of Fortune 500 companies.  TeamViewer’s dedication to security means  you don't have to worry about whether confidential files and sensitive information are at risk while connecting to remote devices!. Personal data, private conversations, and meetings, stay that way.! 

To begin using Remote Access you will first need to Download the Free App,

Or click on the TeamViewer Icon (left). 

free diagnostics/services



Is your Computer getting Slower? Perhaps you've been infected?

Or you spilled water on the keyboard. 

Is it worth fixing, or buying brand new?
Whatever the scenario let us give you an accurate quote,

and advise you on all of your options.

We do not charge for diagnostics here at Genetic Computers! 

So, our estimate of your system is of no cost to you. 

All we ask is that you please call ahead for details

and to  schedule a drop off time.

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