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Would your business benefit from the highest level of all-inclusive IT support? 

Without Costly Contracts or Time Consuming -Ticket Submissions?

We’d like to introduce you to the unparalleled service quality level of our Managed IT Services!

Our IT Services proactively manage and support your entire IT environment,

from workstations to mobile devices, to server and network equipment.

We believe in an old-school mentality of supporting our IT Clients! 

So if you're tired of waiting for your IT team to help you, give us a call or inquire below... 



Your Company is Built on your Business’ Data. While the likelihood of Fire, Theft, Lightning, or a Server Crash may Seem Small, it’s important not to Overlook these factors that can Leave your Data Compromised and cause your Business Serious Downtime. With our Server Backup and Recovery Solutions, you’ll have the Peace of Mind that comes with knowing that your Crucial Data is Safe and Secure, and that you have the most effective Recovery Methods in Place in case of Any such event.


    Safe, Streamlined Data Backup and Recovery with Secure Data Encryption to Prevent Unauthorized Access!

    Data Availability through Secure Storage Solutions, which Eliminate a single point of Failure in the Data-path.

    Complete Solution for On-Premise and Cloud Backup.

    Increased Productivity resulting from an employees’ Ability to Access Data from Any Location.

    Fast Recovery of Your Data, with Minimal Downtime, allowing you to Get Back to Overseeing your Business.

    Simple Administration of Solutions that are Easy to deploy and manage.




Making the most of your Network Infrastructure can Improve Performance and Reduce Costs. Distributed networks like VoIP, Cloud, and Big Data can place a Significant Strain on your network. As the demands of your network Grow in Size, Scale, and Complexity, the performance of your network may Suffer without the Proper Solutions in place. We know that your network is your first line of defense. We provide Network Management Services, such as; Monitoring, Maintenance, and Control of your systems around the clock, taking full Advantage of technologies you already own.



    Internet Access Controls

    Website Content Filtering

    User Authentication and System Access [Single Sign-on]

    Firewall Policies



    Wireless Network Security

    WAN Optimization

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems





Network Security Threats can be Catastrophic to your Systems. Our proactive Approach Shields your business from Online Threats and keeps your operations Running Smoothly. With businesses Relying Heavily on Online Platforms, companies are more Prone to Threats as a result of Web Browsing, Email Exchange, and even Instant Messaging.


With our network Security Solutions, you can be Rest Assured that everything Vital to your business is Protected from these types of Potential Attacks.


    Scanning for Trojans to ensure that your servers aren’t running illegitimate services.

    Vulnerability scans to identify Weak Points in your Network and implementation of

    solutions to strengthen them.

    Email and Spam protection to keep your Inbox Clean.

    Web filtering to Prevent Malware and Online Threats from Accessing your computers.

    Application analysis to identify Vulnerable Versions that may be running on your servers.




Does the concept of “The Cloud” seem confusing? Not to worry! We take the haziness and turn it into a

Crystal Clear reality! Whether your systems are On-Premise, Co-Located, or in a Hybrid environment, we understand the IT Requirements businesses must address regarding Security, regulatory, and Financial Perspectives.


Our Cloud Services enhance workflow, allow for Accessibility from Anywhere at Any time, ease your Communication Processes, and keep your staff working Productively. We monitor and maintain your infrastructure, wherever it is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



    Microsoft Office 365 Certified Partnership.

    Collaboration efficiency though file sharing.

    Ability to access data Off-Site.

    Scalability of your operations and Storage as your Business Grows

    Reduced IT costs by Eliminating Expensive Systems and Costly Outside Expertise. 



 VOICE OVER IP (VoIP) Phone System -


With advancements in Technology and Communications, operating a business has never been easier or more affordable. Even so, one element of your office’s Communication System that has lagged is your telephone! Relying on old technology, your traditional phone system works, but it’s Costly, and not that great. You can probably think of a few times off the top of your head of when you had a dropped call or had trouble understanding the person on the other end of the line. Enter Voice over IP (VoIP), the next generation of business telephone solutions. VoIP is a cost-effective phone solution that works for businesses of all sizes. Voice over IP is still confusing to a lot of people...So we’re going to explain what makes VoIP different from traditional PBX phones, the benefits of adding it to your business’ communication system, and how you can implement Voice over IP at your company today.

What is Voice over IP, or VoIP? Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Hardware-


Before we get into why VoIP is a better alternative to your current phone setup, we should talk about what it is and how it works. VoIP is short for Voice over IP. As you could guess from the name, VoIP uses your Internet Connection to make phone calls, instead of the conventional landlines PBX phones use.


The hardware used with VoIP services looks just like the phones you’re used to seeing, except for the lack of a phone jack input. That’s replaced by the Ethernet Port, since you’ll be using the Internet for making phone calls. There are adapters that allow your current phones to use VoIP services. This will further reduce the hardware costs when you make the switch. What sets VoIP services apart is the ability to make phone calls on your desktop, but we’ll get to that later. Is VoIP starting to sound like the right solution for your business? Great. Now let’s dig into the why VoIP is the phone solution for small businesses...


Benefits of Voice over IP Phone System, equals -Improved Call Quality!


When it comes to your company’s phone system, you want it to be Reliable and of Excellent Sound Quality. With Voice over IP, you’ll get all that and then some. Consumer VoIP services use Public Internet when making phone calls. That works fine for consumer use, but many small businesses install their VoIP systems on their Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN provides users with a More Secure Network and better service quality than a regular Internet connection. By setting up your VoIP system on your VPN, you’ll never deal with dropped calls or unintelligible voices on the other end, making phones calls more profitable and more enjoyable.

Reduced Investment-


A VoIP phone system for your business enjoys all the aspects of a traditional phone system without everything that makes them a burden. A PBX phone system is expensive, and the costliest part is the initial investment. The investment includes the hardware that required to use the service and the wiring throughout the office. Add to that the planning that’s needed to make sure ports into the phone system are where they need to be.


You can install a VoIP phone system throughout your business at a fraction of the cost. Adapters can be used on your current phones to eliminate the need to purchase new equipment. By using the Internet over landlines, you won’t need to rewire your whole office all over again.

Lower monthly costs


When it comes to running a business, you're always looking to find new ways to save money and to cut expenses. With your phone system, after the initial investment, the main cost is the monthly service fee. The monthly cost of a business phone system can really add up, depending on the features you’re looking for, and the number of users who will be using them. And when your business grows, that cost will increase.


With a VoIP phone system, you’ll get More Features and Unlimited Calling for a Fraction of the Cost. With the money you save over traditional phone systems, you’ll be able to invest in your network infrastructure to improve the overall quality of your VoIP system.




The goal for most any business is to Grow; make more Sales, attract more clients, and to expand into new markets. As your business grows, you’ll be adding more employees, and those employees will need phones to do their job. Adding new users to a traditional PBX system is a bit of a hassle. It’s a lot like going through the initial set up all over again. You’ll need more expensive equipment to make sure your office is wired correctly for the number of users you’ll be adding.


As you might guess, adding new users to your VoIP system is much easier. You’ll still need equipment but adding users to your network just requires a simple call to your provider to tell them how many users you’ll be adding!

Mobile Phone VoIP, equals Mobility-

In today’s business environment, you can and should, have the ability to work from anywhere. Whether you’re

home, at the office, or on vacation, you'll want to stay connected with your livelihood. The mobility of a VoIP phone system gives you the benefit of Working Anywhere that you have a broadband connection! You don’t

have to be chained to a desk anymore, and only you are the wiser! With VoIP services becoming more prevalent, apps are available for mobile devices to make staying in touch with your business, easier than ever before!

Get Voice over IP For Your Small Business-

Getting personalized Voice over IP solutions for your Small Business has never been simpler. With Genetic, you’ll receive a solution that’s customized to fit your business. We’ll learn your business’ phone needs and build

a VoIP system that works best for you now, and in the future...




Give us a Call so We can Help You Decide on the Right Plan for your Company.

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