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Zoom Vs. Skype

MAR. 23, 2020

Zoom – Is It Better Than Skype?
There's a reason more people are switching
Video conferencing tools can make both your personal and professional communication more efficient, and save you time and effort. That is, of course, if you choose the right tool to use.


Trolls Exploit Zoom Privacy Settings...

MAR. 30, 2020

Working and socializing from home has brought new risks to everyday life, as webcam meetings and chatroom cocktail hours contend with privacy invasions, phishing attacks and “ZoomBombings” – uninvited guests abusing the popular video service


Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

DEC. 10, 2018

The millions of dots on the map trace highways, side streets and bike trails — each one following the path of an anonymous cellphone user.


The Dangers Of Posting Your Children's Photos Online

Feb 15, 2019

...even when you're exercising as much caution as possible, danger can still arise: "Only a person's privacy settings can affect who sees the photo — Facebook has the most options on that. However, if a platform was hacked, anyone could see the photos regardless of privacy settings."


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