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                                  - Genetic is a Family Owned Operation - 

                              Servicing the Capital Region of NYS since 1985! 

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Computer Veteran moves business from Latham to Guilderland
in 2006...

Genetic Computers is 

a Small 'Family' Business, owned by Robert Scott and operating in The Capital Region of upstate New York Since 1985, specializing in computer repair, data recovery & IT support. In addition they build customized desk top systems in house, tailoring each and every computer to meet the individuals specific needs. Whether an Architect or a serous Gamer, they can accommodate


  Scott spent most of his teen years working at Genetic, when they opened their doors in 1985. "We were one of the first repair centers in the Capital Region, and it was exciting to be there during its opening season," Scott recalls.  Although he went away to college, he still worked for Genetic when on break and during the summer months. After graduation Genetic's original owner, Frank Englert, was looking to retire, and planned to sell the business.  "I had a big decision to make, either let it happen or buy the company I had helped to make a success," Scott says.

Genetic Computers custom builds computers that suit the individual as uniquely as their own personal DNA 

  And buy the company, is exactly what he did. Bidding adieu to Physics, his chosen degree/course of study, which  he attained from both RPI & Syracuse University, and in 1993 he became the new Owner operator  of Genetic Computers, Inc. 

  Scott knew early on that he  wanted to own his own business, and when Genetic came up for sale he just knew that he could not let the opportunity pass him by. "Well here we are about 25 yrs after the fact, still in business, so I think I made the right choice," Scott recalls. "Immediately I merged the business in with my fathers, at the time he co-owned a successful copy machine business in Latham,  I was their IT guy, and was there a lot, so it just made sense. I was really  fortunate to have had his support and business acumen guiding me in those beginning years. I owe a lot of Genetic's success to him."


  He continued to grow the business-


and about 10 years after its purchase, he  decided to make yet another big decision, which was to move Genetic to an entirely different town. "That area in Latham had become a bit run down and we just knew that the business would do even better in a busier location. Scouting many properties in the Capital Region, they decided on Western Avenue in Guilderland.

"It just seemed like a good move at the time, and so it's what we did," Scott says. "And as a result the business has only grown. Plus it has given me the ability to focus more on Genetic - and the industry - as it continues to evolve and change. It really is an ideal location with a lot of drive by traffic, so it was a great move all the  way around." 


  Genetic is not a franchise, and they do not make false promises of  "quick repairs -while you wait." Typically the tech field is never quick-as this business is far from,"fast food-drive thru service." 


And really, when it comes to your personal electronic-devices, don't you want it done right the first time? That being said, however, some repairs can be done with same day service.

  Usually people drop off their systems, and after  a completed analysis they will call with an estimate on the cost of the repair, along with an approximate time-frame on how long it will take. However, if you would like to wait for your diagnosis, you are more than welcome to stay and enjoy their quiet, comfortable waiting area, equipped with Free Wi-fi & of course computers for your enjoyment! And once your system is fixed and back in your possession they are still available for continued support. "Even on systems that we have not personally repaired or with issues that may be unrelated to what we did fix, we want to be the first people that you call to keep your business and personal devices running smoothly," Scott explains. "So you not only have a repair place you can go to, but also friendly neighborhood tech support that you can always count on!"

 Please feel free to contact Genetic anytime, at your convenience

February 10th,, 2008

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About Us

"Genetic is small family owned

business operating in the

Capital Region Since 1985!

We were one the first Repair

Centers to enter the area and more importantly we are still here..."


Specializing in Computer Service,

Sales & Support of PC & Mac.

With Expertise in

IT Solutions & Data Recovery.

Plus we build In-House

      Customized High-End Professional      Desk-Top & Gaming Systems.

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Contact Information

We are Located 1 mile West of

Route 155 & The 20 Mall, next to the

Guilderland Public Library!

        2244 Western Avenue,

       Guilderland, NY 12084

      (518) 464-8040



            Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

           Saturday & Sunday: Closed

        36 YEARS

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