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We @ Genetic Computers are passionate about our Custom Built Gaming Systems! And that's because we are Gamer's...

So we're very Familiar with the Latest Gear and Components that are Technologically Suited for the Complex Industry. Every year the Game literally Changes, and by that we mean the System Requirements alter, so you need to build systems that can sustain with those changes. What works this year will need to be increased or tweaked for the next best thing coming down the pike...So we are Careful to choose Components that can handle those Unforeseen Modifications. Building our Systems In-House, by Hand, we Know each and every Machine Personally. Taking Immense Pride in our Creations, Guaranteeing the Quality (not quantity) of their Workmanship. And not only in the Performance end, but also in their Aesthetics; Cables are Painstakingly Routed, Wires are Zip-tied & Hidden and Components are Color-Coded to give you the Ultimate Artistic Appearance! Any Issues you may come across you can take Comfort in knowing that we are only a Phone Call or Quick Car Ride away from solving. One final bit we might add is that though we may have our Ideal Components and Ways in mind, we work With You, the customer, to Build Your Ideal System, within your Monetary Budget. So if you're one of those "techie-types," who's done their homework, good for you, we commend that, and thus we will Customize the Creation of your choosing. And to the Contrary, know that you are in good hands. Please Feel Free to Call Us anytime or E-Mail with any Inquiries.  of course, as always ~Happy Gaming :-)

Custom Built Gaming PC's

Custom  PC's  &  Gaming  Systems

   We @ Genetic are passionate about our Custom Built Desktops, Servers & Gaming PC's!

Whether you are a Professional who requires a Customized System, or a Serious Gamer,

we build to suit your needs and specifications.


Every year the latest gear and components that are technologically suited for the industry literally change, and by that we mean system requirements alter, so you need to build computers that can handle those changes.  What works today will need to be tweaked tomorrow, so we are careful to choose components that can be easily upgraded to create a new more powerful system.  Building our computers In-House, by hand, we know each and every machine personally.  We take immense Pride in our Creations, guaranteeing the quality (not quantity) of our workmanship.  Not just with performance, but also with their aesthetics; cables are painstakingly routed, wires are zip-tied & hidden, and components are color-coded to give you the ultimate artistic appearance!

Know that we will work with you, to build your ideal system.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions :-)